Program QLL2 – 2020

DAY 1 – 12.11.2020

Grande Salle Escher Theater


SHORT FILMS curated by Lolo Arziki   

This year, we collaborated with the black queer filmmaker Lolo Arziki for our film night. The Cape-Verdean filmmaker and activist selected the two Brazilian short films and will be presenting their own short.

Relatos de uma Rapariga Nada Púdica (PT, EN subtitles)

by Lolo Arziki, 2016, 4min

Alfazema (PT, EN subtitles)

by Sabrina Fidalgo, 2019, BRA, 24min

Inspire the Night – BATEKOO (PT, EN subtitles)

by BATEKOO collective /prod. Red Bull Music, 2018, BRA, 14min

PREMIERE: A Coming Out Story (FR)

In collaboration with Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE  we will also premiere this short film to celebrate the book publication of  the „Coming Out Stories”.

by Ornella Gueremy Marc / prod. Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE, 2020, LUX, 2min

DAY 2 – 13.11.2020

Grande Salle Escher Theater

20:00          m.a.d. – mutually affirmed deviance (EN)

~ reduced version adapted to the stage of the Escher Theater ~

m.a.d. explores the collective body of four performers and their deviance from the norm. Together they venture a shared vulnerability and, strengthened by this newfound unity, they set out to disrupt the vicious cycle of discrimination, hatred and violence. Through movement and sound the four protagonists attempt to transform the martial meaning of m.a.d. (“mutually assured destruction”) into “mutually affirmed deviance” – into a daring “yes!” in celebration of the body and of their common breakout from its alienating socializations.

Concept, artistic direction: Valerie Reding
Choreography, performance: Bastien Hippocrate, Rafal Pierzyński, Valerie Reding
Sound design, performance: Ivy Monteiro
Dramaturgy: Marc Streit
Stage, object design: Christopher Füllemann
Light design: Thomas Giger
Oeil Extérieur: Simone Mousset
Video-Teaser: Oil Productions
Visuals: Valerie Reding
Production: REDart
Production assistant: Nico Dubosson
Co-production: Tanzhaus Zürich

Partners: Dampfzentrale, Grand Studio, Queer Little Lies Festival, Réseau Grand Luxe, TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

Length:  ca. 1h15min
Talk with the artists after the performance.

DAY 3 – 14.11.2020

Grande Salle Escher Theater

19:00           Prinzip Katamaran und andere Identitäten – eine auswegreiche Irrfahrt (DE)

Prinzip Katamaran erzählt die Geschichte von Toni Silberstein, die sich weigert in die Schublade geschlechtlicher Zuschreibungen gesteckt zu werden. Schon als Kind mit dem Unverständnis ihrer Umwelt konfrontiert, erschafft sie sich trotzig eine eigene Identität als Gnoi – ein Wesen, das immer wieder in irrwitzig-skurrile bis tieftraurige Alltagssituationen gerät, die mit Livemusik und Slapstick untermalt werden.

Produktion: Theaterkollektiv RaumZeit
Schauspiel & Regie: Nic* Reitzenstein
Musik: Burkhard Finckh aka Charlie Fonk
Text: Jenny Warnecke

Length: 55min
Nachgespräch mit den Künstler*innen

21:30            EDSUN

EDSUN is exuding a new kind of energy after a lockdown which he took as a time to reflect about how he wants his future to be. E wants us to come closer to him and to see sides of him never revealed before. From stories told on stage to a level up of self-acceptance he keeps commanding his stage like he was born to do it. Encouraging others to love themselves by his performance no matter the colour of their skin or the person they want to love, EDSUN likes to take new risks by singing, dancing and speaking his truth.  

Denis Schumacher, Drums
Merveil Komi Doussiema, Keys
Randy Rocha, Dance
Simi Simoes, Dance

Length: 30min

EXHIBITION – 12.11.-20.11.2020

Galerie Escher Theater

HVNGRY by Valerie Reding

The Witch, the Slut, the Fury, the Old Crone, the Dyke, the Frigid and the Hysteric. Featuring a series of photo portraits of 7 womxn and non-binary people, HVNGRY creates an open space for a playful exploration of identities and sexualities – far beyond heteronormative binaries and gender roles.